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"I believe the government should work for the people, not stand in the way of the individual economic growth"


I am running because of the Fiscal Crisis in Springfield.

We need to change our path before the State of Illinois becomes insolvent.


- Please outline your views on public pensions in Illinois.

First off I don’t want to diminish retiree’s pension benefits or just do away with pensions all together. There are examples throughout the state of IL where local government pensions are working. Basically this is a question of satisfying 218 Social Security Exemption Law. We need to allow the State, the Counties, Local Governments and the employees, the ability to determine how to budget retirement benefits, whether it be with a pension, annuities, or a 401k style (457b) retirement plan. As we progress forward with statewide retirement systems no doubt they need to be fully funded but it appears these systems are unsustainable. We should be looking at the possibility of enacting 401k type savings (457b plan) for people who have not yet entered into the public workforce and even extending this to people who are not vested in the state retirement systems. This will empower the employee to set his/her retirement strategies.


- Would you vote to make Illinois' temporary income tax hike permanent before it expires in January 2015? If not, how will you replace the billions of dollars the tax hike brought in, or what cuts would you make?

No I would not vote to make temporary income tax hike permanent. I would be willing to have it phase out over a period of time, which would assist in stabilizing the accumulating interest from our unpaid bills and the current pension obligations. Before we even start phasing out the temporary tax hike, we need to reduce our spending continue to consolidate duplicated services, sell off or rent-out unused assets and continue with pension reform. The problem in Illinois is not a revenue problem it is a spending problem.


"In order for good government to work you need to know who your repersentative is and how to contact them"


I will be open and avalibale for all the residents of the district!

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